Does Anyone Really Want Money?

The answer to the question: “Does Anyone Really Want Money?” is:


Really Want MoneyJust a few very sick people really want money. And, be informed that most of the times when you have been unlucky enough to negotiate with one of those fools, you have been hurt; betrayed.
(See exchange no. 1 and 2 below)

Money is NOT what the people really want and I am very glad that it is as such. If it would be the case, we would all be in very big trouble. Governments really want money! The country where the officials will govern understanding that their role is to get what they need to be able to give to people what the people want is going to be a country where everyone’s desire will be to go to and live happily. No war, no corruption…

What can you do with money itself?

Play with it? Count it? Make a pile of it? Show it? What???

It factually is only a piece of paper with ink on it. Its use is very limited. It’s even too small to be useful in the restrooms…

People DO NOT really want “Money”, they want what they can get in exchange of it.

This is the very basic principle of money. It is an exchange system.

So let’s take the confusion out of the equation…

More precise you are about what you really want (Your “Real Why”), more you are putting the chances on your side to obtain it. Why? Because you are going to devote your entire focused energy to do the right things to get what you are after. The confusions and distractions now being out of your way.

Lets look at the phenomena that created the use of money.

Thousands of years ago, money did not exist. There was people on this planet and they had needs too.

They were exchanging things:

-         “I will give you one of my pigs in exchange of that amount of…”

This system worked for a while but it quickly became very unpractical.

really want money

This is when (to make it short and simple) a system was made up to ease the transactions between individuals. It was much easier to go around with money than going around with a anything else to get what was wanted…

People Really Want Money But Mainly What They Get
Having The Money They NEED

Here is very important and powerful quote that is unfortunately misunderstood by most and which I hope will be totally clarified for you by reading this post.

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.
- Zig Ziglar

Living in a physical world, more one knows about EXCHANGE, more it is that they will get what they want; HAPPINESS.

Happiness is THE thing that everyone is after.

Relying on the procreation of other bodies to survive, we also NEED the money to take care of them. What we WANT…

really want money

A major portion of our Happiness is created and obtained by making other people happy. Helping them get what they WANT. We need the money to buy different things, enjoy interesting activities and places, travel safely with them etc, etc.

Money is not something you want, it is something that you need to get what you want. Happiness is what you and everybody else want and making others happy makes you happy. Amazing! I mean Cool…

If you always put your attention on what you need and have not clearly defined what you want, you are not totally set to get what you want yet.

It is a simple law of this universe. And, when you comply to the Law, you never get in trouble…

Get the difference?


Take note that there is ALWAYS the phenomena of EXCHANGE being involved in the equation. ALWAYS!

More one is able to use that knowingness to “exchange” properly, more they will be able to do it profitably.

Having your personal philosophy based and applied on the workable principle of “having your exchange in”, meaning ethically delivering the services and/or products that the people are paying for in such a way that they are totally satisfied with what they receive,  you are paving your way to:

  1. Enjoy being a proud and happy individual having what you need in abundance (money) because you know you are doing the appropriate and ethical thing (helping others get what they want) and, totally have the undeniable right to be on this planet because of your actions (honestly giving a hand to others);
  2. Flourish and prosper.

The 4 possible kinds of exchange existing in our economic system and which we all have experienced on different occasions are:

  1. Criminal (receiving nothing in exchange of something given)
  2. Less than what was expected (not receiving much in exchange of something of a higher value being given)
  3. As per what was expected (as agreed upon – satisfaction)
  4. More than what was expected (AWESOME! – expansion/sales/leads in abundance…)

Specializing in delivering exchange no. 4, you are making sure that you are going to stay in business (if you are living, you are in business…) to serve and enjoy the precious moments spent with the people that trust YOU and bring their friends to YOU. Their friends that will eventually become yours.

You will, in exchange of your honesty and integrity, have all the money that you need to buy what it is that you want to make you and your loved ones happy.

Please do not forget that with money you can also buy time. Time being one of the commodity that you want to be around the ones you should spend this time with.

In a future post I will elaborate about what it is REALLY that makes one happy.
Stay tuned…For now Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money

You Really Want Money in Abundance?
Be Happy & Honestly Exchange With Others.
Lets do That!


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